Harvest 25% complete, says ADAS

Farmers combined almost 600,000ha of crops between 8 and 14 August, with the total harvest now about 25% complete.

Progress was similar to 2008 and 2009, according to the latest ADAS report, with 85% of winter barley now cut, 80% of winter oilseed rape, and 5% each of winter wheat, spring barley and oats.

So far wheat yields were below average, but ranged from 5t to 10.8t/ha. Specific weights were low, at 58-78kg/hl, with Hagbergs also on the low side at 200-300 seconds.

“Crops on light land are tending to perform better than normal, but crops on heavier soils are lower than normal,” said the report.

“There are a lot of concerns over the impact of widespread fusarium, with a high proportion of crops having blind sites on the ear and shrivelled grains.”

Protein contents ranged from 10.6% to 16%, with moistures averaging 16%.

Winter barley yields were about average, at 6.2-6.4t/ha, with light land yields up to 11t/ha and heavy land crops down to 4t/ha.

Specific weights were low at 52-67kg/hl, with screenings on the high side but nitrogen contents mostly at 1.5-1.7%.

Spring barley yields were ranging from 5t to 10t/ha, with oats at 5-8.5t/ha,
but it was too early to extrapolate quality and average yield information, said the report.

Rapeseed yields were averaging 3.4-3.6t/ha, slightly above the five-year average. However, some crops were suffering from small seeds, and oil contents were on the low side at 38-45%.

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