Harvest Highlights: Many still only two-thirds through harvest

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As the wet weather continues to dampen harvest, many growers still have more than two-thirds of their crops remaining to be cut. Quality is becoming a big issue whith more rain forecast for the week.

Peter Seaman in Norfolk had three and a half inches of rain in the past week, causing combines to be at a standstill. He was concerned the rain would damage 40ha (100ac) of seed wheat that had not been cut.

“Claire has not been too bad in the past so we’re not too desperately worried, but the seed wheat is what we’re concerned for. There were no growing bits this morning but the forecast is not very exciting for this week.”

Norfolk grower Roger Middleditch was only two-thirds through cutting winter wheat. He had been held back from combining by the rain, with the forecast not looking any better.

“Don’t mention harvest – it’s looking grim! We’ve had 125mm rain so far in August and 60mm in the past week.”

He was concerned for the quality of remaining crops. “We will soon see sprouting if this weather continues.”

James Chamberlain had “come to a grinding halt” in Derbyshire having had an inch and a half of rain at the weekend. The remaining third of wheat waiting to be cut was still standing, and he was concerned any further rain would jeopardise Hagbergs.

Yorkshire farmer David Hinchliffe was only 60% through 300ha of wheat and had cut for only 14 hours in the past nine days.

He was concerned for bushel weights of Brompton if the rain continued. Milling wheat growers in his area were worried that Hagbergs were disappearing in the warm and wet weather.

“It has been an average harvest up to when we stopped so it will be like a salvage operation if the weather continues.”

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