Harvest Highlights: Wheat better than expected for some

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Reports are showing many growers are content with harvest yields considering the expected drop due after dry weather in June and July.

But many are still reporting wheat remaining in their area that has suffered in the recent rain.

Northamptonshire grower Justin Blackwood said wheat yields had been very good this year with most coming in at 10t/ha. “It is good because we expected lower yields due to the drought.”

Hagbergs of milling wheat were at 200-300 but he said bushel weights of remaining Robigus were going because of the rain.

Sam Fairs in Suffolk said wheat did not perform too badly this year. “Yields were good considering the lack of rain in June and July.” He also said quality should be fine considering it was mostly cut before the rain.

But plenty wheat was still to be cut in his area. “The sooner crops are cut, the better.”

Quality had not suffered too much from the drought for Lionel Wells in Oxfordshire, and yields were on the six-year average. “It was as good as expected considering the dry weather. Hagbergs never dropped and the bushel weights were good.”

However, Norfolk grower John Steele said the drought had affected his wheat crop. “The quality was not affected but some bushel weights were down.” Yields were about average but he said it had been a particularly bad year for Robigus.

He added: “Those that have a stretched acreage and not big enough combines are still combining in the area, but the smaller farms are done.”

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