HGCA wheat variety trial yields 1.4t/ha down

The overall HGCA Recommended List average harvest yield is 1.4t/ha down on the five-year mean of 10.3t/ha, reflecting the disappointing yields being seen by many growers across the UK.

However, established varieties which have tended to perform in previous years have also performed well this season.

KWS Santiago has 110% of the average of the control varieties and Viscount (110%) has also had a good season, particularly in the Scottish sites,” says Simon Oxley, HGCA’s senior research manager. “One thing to watch with Viscount, however, will be sprouting in a wet harvest.

Quality samples from trials have been relatively poor which is in line with commercial crops, with low specific weights and low Hagbergs the rule rather than the exception across a range of varieties.

Early maturing wheats have performed well on yield. Gallant (104%), Cordiale (104%) and Grafton (103%) are among the earlier varieties and all three have performed better on yield this year, he said.

In contrast, later maturing varieties Cocoon (100%) Invicta (95%) and Alchemy (97%) are lower yielding compared with the five year average of the control varieties.

When looking at varieties to sow, he urged growers to look at the five year average yield, as these will reflect their performance under a range of different seasons. “No one can forecast how 2013 will turn out, but we all hope it won’t be the same as 2012.”

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