Hopes to meet malt quality in Kent

Forty hectares of Pearl winter barley yielded 6.8 to 7t/ha for Brian Mummery in Canterbury, Kent.

Moisture remained low at 14.5% and the quality looks good. “It is all on a malting contract, so I hope it meets the standards.”

The oilseed rape and peas should be ready within 10 days, but the rain was causing concern for the marrowfat peas.

Of the peas he said: “They looked good at one stage, but now there’s worry about staining from the rain.”

Mr Mummery added that he should be ok this year as long as the weather recovers, but he is glad to have some barley cut already.

  • Crop/Variety: Winter barley/ Pearl
  • Area: 40ha
  • Yield: 6.8-7t/ha
  • Quality: 14.5% moisture

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