In a mess near Tewkesbury

Harvest has proved to be a messy affair for organic farmer Carl Grey at Grange Farm, Bredon, Gloucestershire.

With one belt already broken on the combine, wet and muddy conditions were preventing any combining today (17 August).

“It’s not dry and it’s not pretty. There are lots of weeds too, particularly charlock, thistles and may weed,” he said.

Dodging showers, he had managed to cut some wheat at between 20% and 22% moisture.

“We’ve cut 6ha out of 64ha of wheat so far – there are a few heads which are badly shrivelled but the second field is looking much better than the first.”

Mr Grey had higher hopes for his 40ha of oats, which were still green. “I think the oats look better, but they’re not ready yet.”

He reckoned they would yield about 5t/ha – well below his usual target of 6.25t/ha due to poor bushel weights. 

“They’re either going to be half decent or a salvage operation.”

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