Kent harvest continuing

Peter Francesconi still had 60ha (150acres) of winter wheat to cut and some spring beans. “It has been quite wet in this part of Kent so harvest is still going.”

Yields of Hereward, Claire, Robigus and Einstein had been above average, and bushel weights had been good. Milling wheat quality had been very good he said.

“We’ve lost quality on the remaining wheat, but it is only feed wheat so is not as fatal. We got all the milling wheat in first.”

He planned to continue with Claire, Robigus and Einstein next year, with perhaps some Solstice. “We’ll not grow Hereward again because of the risk involved. The extra cost of growing is not worth the premium. We’ll stick to growing group three wheats.”

Three of his neighbours still had winter wheat and some beans remaining. “When I was in Dorset the other day they had completely finished, but we are still wet in our corner of the country so there is still a bit of wheat about in the area.”

He expected to finish in four days and then cut beans in two days after that.

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