Moisture problem in Yorkshire

Paul Temple finished 100ha of Einstein, Claire and Robigus yesterday (August 31) with pleasing results.

Second wheats came in at 9t/ha – 10t/ha, with first wheats exceeding 10t/ha. He said all varieties were a pleasure to combine but Robigus gave the best yields.

Quality has yet to be analysed, but he hopes weather has not caused any damage to the crops.

Harvest has been better than last year and substantially easier, but he said moisture levels have been a problem. “We couldn’t string together enough dry days and so have had to dry every tonne this year.”

  • Crop/Variety: Einstein, Claire and Robigus winter wheat

  • Area: 100ha wheat in total

  • Yield: 2nd wheat 9t/ha, 10t/ha, first wheat above 10t/ha

  • Quality: N/A

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