New guide to nematicide use

A NEW GUIDE to help potato growers through the regulations surrounding nematicide use has just been launched by Syngenta.

Demands for growers to undertake Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) and Potato Cyst Nematode risk assessments prior to nematicide use mean this advice is needed, said the firm‘s Garth Bretherton.

“A detailed risk assessment of the PCN threat before using nematicides makes complete economic sense and will help to target the most appropriate applications,” he said.

The Nemathorin Decision Master CD-ROM can predict the PCN risk on individual fields, based on initial egg counts, PCN species, crop rotation, soil type and variety grown, he explained.

It can also be used to offer growers guidance through the HACCP process, which aims to minimise the risk to the crop, machinery operators and the environment of using nematicides.

“Many of the aspects covered by HACCP are equally crucial to get the best results from nematicides,” Mr Bretherton added.

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