New guide to protect water

NEW GUIDELINES aim to help prevent herbicide contamination of watercourses and promote responsible use of a key broadleaf herbicide.

The mecoprop-p decision support tree gives growers practical advice on how to judge appropriate application timings where there is greater potential for field losses.

“Mecoprop-p, a widely used and popular product, is regularly found in surface water,” said Voluntary Initiative manager, Patrick Goldsworthy.

“It is important that we all take practical steps to prevent herbicides getting into water and at the same time protect the phenoxy products [including mecoprop-p] for economic weed control in cereals and grassland.”

The main message from the guide is that farmers must pay attention to weather forecasts and if drains are running, or are likely to run, or there is a risk of surface runoff – applications should be delayed.

Growers are also reminded to be vigilant when mixing, filling and washing out containers and equipment and when disposing of waste.

A copy of the decision tree can be downloaded from the Voluntary Initiative website,

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