New SU herbicides this spring

A NEW GROUP of sulfonylurea herbicides for broad-leaved weeds will be available to growers this spring, DuPont has announced.

The so-called SX technology ensures active ingredients dissolve fully in water, resulting in greater product efficacy, time savings and reductions in water usage, the company claimed.

Because the product fully dissolves, this allows more rapid uptake by weeds and ensures particles are not left in the tank, explained DuPont‘s Neil Morey.

“There is now no need for farmers to be tempted to cut corners in order to push sprayer output. SX washout procedure averaged only 20 min compared to 90 min for a conventional SU washout,” he said.

But where SX products are tank mixed with non-SX products, the most comprehensive washout instructions must be followed, he stressed.

“Always follow product labels, paying particular attention to compatibility guidance and specific washout requirements,” he said.

Research work at Long Ashton found that SX sulfonylureas offered particularly good control of broad-leaved weeds with thick cuticles, such as knotgrass and fat hen, the firm said.