PICTURES: Catch up with the picture highlights of the week

Flood pictures have dominated the week, but our FWiSpace picture galleries do show that in some areas people did able to get their combines moving occasionally or attempt some cultivations (although not always with success).

Here are some highlights or skip to the Harvest Highlights Gallery or the Floods gallery or Cultivations Corner.

sunken tractor UGC

Landmoth Hall Farms, Northallerton. With all other operations at a standstill the machine had been able to keep going on rape-stubble… until here. D & J A Jones’ JD 8230 and 6 furrow plough found the going a little testing.

ploughing UGC

Picture from Dave8530 uploaded to the Cultivations Corner Gallery.

combine in flood UGC

baler in flood

Richard Tutton found his combine and baler in deep water at Trewern, Powys.

combining in the wet UGC

David Sass cutting Gladiator winter wheat for Des Wells at Lodge Farm, Kineton, Warwick on Wednesday 10 September 2008. Picture from Sam Treadgold (age 13).

combine UGC

Contractor and farmer John Howlett from Hill Farm, Rumburgh, Suffolk got in a second machine to finish his harvest which is seen here working at Chediston Green on the 11 September 2008.  Bill King took this photo just as it started to rain, the wheat moisture was 18% and the straw was damp as you can see that by the lack of dust.

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