Plant organic seed orders online

 ORGANIC FARMERS now have access to up-to-date information on the availability of organic seed supplies throughout the UK, via a new website.

The site,, is funded by DEFRA and managed by the Soil Association, with support from NIAB.

It provides a database of live information on seed availability, a history of availability and an online application form for derogations.

Growers must use the database to check whether the variety of seed they wish to use is available organically, according to European Council Regulation No. 2092/91.

In the event the variety is not available, growers can apply to their certification body or the Soil Association for a derogation to use non-organic seed.

Producers without internet access can contact either their own certification body, or the Soil Association on 0117 914 2400, who will undertake a search of the database on their behalf.