Prioritise wheats this harvest

GROWERS SHOULD not underestimate the importance of prioritisation when harvesting wheat this summer, according to one breeder.

Where a number of wheat varieties are ready at the same time, growers should develop a harvest “pecking order” based on varietal characteristics and potential value, said Advanta Seeds’ Paul Hickman.

“There are two main factors to consider when assessing harvest priority. Budgeted crop value is the first and is defined by a combination of yield potential and grain price.”

Secondly, growers should consider the risk potential – a combination of the level of price reduction for poorer quality and the likelihood of damage occurring through delayed harvest, he added.

For example, Hereward should have first harvest priority given its potential premium when grown on contract and its susceptibility to significant damage to Hagberg due to weathering in a delayed harvest, the firm said.

At the other end of the scale, Advanta says the lowest priority should be given to Group three and four varieties which have the highest yield potential, but only small premia available for the best quality.

Proposed harvest priority according to Advanta Seeds:

Variety  Budgeted crop value  Risk potential  Harvest priority
Hereward  High Very high First
Xi19/Solstice  High  High 
Malacca  Med/High  High 
Einstein/Cordiale  Medium  Medium 
Group 3 Med/Low  Medium/Low 
Group 4 Low  Low  Last



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