Rain holds back Shropshire harvest

Duncan Whiteman was ready to start cutting wheat but had been held back by rain in Telford, Shropshire.

“It has just rained. We’re very stop-start here with the weather. We would have started cutting wheat yesterday if it had been dry.”

He said the crop had not been ready to cut while the weather was dry but was just about ripe now. Claire, Robigus and Solstice were all “looking fair”, with first wheat Robigus looking particularly good.

“Hopefully by next week we will find out how the wheat has done.”

Just under 10ha of naked oats did “very well” yesterday, yielding 6.25 – 6.9t/ha. “It’s a record for us. They’re up on last year.”

• Crop: Naked Oats
• Area: 10ha
• Yield: 6.25 – 6.9t/ha

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