Rain stops play in Essex

The rain had stopped the oilseed rape harvest for Alistair Pinkerton in Essex today (25 July), with 40% still to be cut.

Three fields of Recital averaged 3.75t/ha, however the fourth field suffered greatly from pigeon damage, and only yielded 2.25t/ha.

He said: “It was good to combine and was very clean and level.”

The moisture levels were 7.5-9.5% with which he was “very pleased”.

Mr Pinkerton said the “crops suffered” from the very dry weather, expecting the wheats to be “a disaster”.  In contrast, the oilseed rape “coped better than we thought”.

  • Crop/Variety: Oilseed rape/ Recital

  • Area: N/A

  • Yield: 2.25-3.75t/ha

  • Quality: 7.5-9.5% moisture

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