Scottish harvest going slowly

Scottish grower Hamish Forbes at Lockdhu Farm, Moray, said harvest was going very slowly because everything was very damp from showers.

Winter barley had all been cut with 40ha (100ac) of Pearl yielding 6.9-8.1t/ha (2.75-3.25t/ac) which was slightly better than average. Quality was reasonable but the crop had all been sold for feed.

“There is no market locally for malting so all barley goes for feed. But it was not too bad and we’re pleased so far.”

Mr Forbes was waiting for Optic and Troon spring barley to be ripe for cutting. “It is just becoming ready now but it is looking very variable.”

He said the long drought and their light land would mean quality would be mixed.

• Crop: Winter barley
• Variety: Pearl
• Area: 40ha
• Yield: 6.9-8.1t/ha

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