Scottish spring barley does well

Scottish farmer Mike Cumming has virtually completed 170ha of Optic spring barley with yields “better than anticipated” at 6.6t/ha.

Specific weights were 66 – 68kg/hl and nitrogen levels were very mixed with some below 1.5%, but most around 1.6%. Screenings had also been an issue in some fields, but the crop performed better than he had hoped for considering the dry, hot summer.

Mr Cumming was pleased crops came in at 18% moisture which meant they met the malting requirement and did not require any drying. He said this was a big difference to last year when most came in over 20%.

But prices have been disappointing this year, and he said growers will be doing well if they get £75/tonne with less than 1.5% nitrogen.

Wheat harvest is “imminent” in the area, and he thinks early wheat should be ready this week. Later sown wheats are about 10 days away.

  • Crop/Variety: Optic Spring barley

  • Area: 170ha

  • Yield: 6.6t/ha

  • Quality: Bushel weight 66 – 68kg/hl, Nitrogen 1.6% average

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