See what’s new in the potato arena for 2006

German manufacturer Grimme has launched a new three-ridge bed-former for the 2006 season.

The mouldboard type unit – dubbed Bedforma – will be made at the firm’s German headquarters, which is a significant change, as the units were previously built by Yorks firm, SW Agriservices.

In light of these developments SW Agriservices has decided to launch its own range of potato equipment under the Sumo banner.

The company’s debut machine is the Sumotilla, which has been designed for potato and vegetable growers.

Available as a single-bed – adjustable from 1.3m to 2m beds – or as a three-bed – adjustable from 1.8m to 2m beds – the unit features rear shaping hoods that are fully adjustable, allowing the beds to be shaped for de-stoning or planting directly, says the firm.

The three-bed model has a power requirement of 280hp, it folds to a transport width of 2.7m and costs 26,675 – the smaller one-bed model requires 140hp and costs 5995.

Sumo has also launched its own mouldboard bed-former which is available as a two- or four-bed model and is designed to work straight into ploughed land to form ridges.

The Sumoforma is claimed to be the only multi-bed former on the market that can form four beds in one pass – three full and two halves.

Sumo utilises large mouldboards – which are different from the older ones used on Grimme machines – and wide shares which allows for steep sides with a wide furrow bottom, enabling growers to use normal sized tyres.

Power requirements are 130hp and 260hp for the two and four bed models, respectively, while prices are set at 3247 and 10,560.

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