Showers hit Yorkshire

Catherine Thompson at Holme House, York, said showers had put a hold on harvest today, but she was a third of the way through cutting wheat.

All wheat on heavy land had been cut and yields were fine. “They were lower plant [populations] than we hoped for but the wet spring delayed the nitrogen.” Most of the 140ha (350acres) is in Welford, with some Gladiator. Bushel weights looked “fabulous”.

She had just started cutting wheat on light land but had been rained off.

Mrs Thompson was pleased with 60ha (150acres) of winter oats. Bushel weights of Gerald and SW Dalguise were pleasing at 51/52kg/hl, and yields were good. The crop also met milling specification.

She added: “Our adventures into naked oats have been reasonably successful but it has yet to be sold.”

Weather permitting she expected harvest to be finished in five dry days, hopefully by next weekend. “It is not as early as it started off but it will still be early.”

• Crop: Winter wheat
• Variety: Welford, some Gladiator
• Area: 140ha
• Yield: N/A

• Crop: Winter oats
• Variety: Gerald and SW Dalguise
• Area: 60ha
• Quality: 51/52kg/hl bushel weights

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