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Spring clean your OSR with Korvetto

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As spring emerges from the short, dark days of winter, so do the broadleaf weeds that no oilseed rape grower wants to see poking above their crop.

Poppies, mayweeds, cleavers and thistles can not only out-compete crops – left unchecked they can also cause harvest headaches and create a seed return to the soil which compounds the problem in future years.

A solid autumn programme will have kept key problem weeds at bay, but early spring is an important time to monitor the emerging burden in the field.

Korvetto® has excellent activity on the weeds that steal yield and cause issues at harvest.

It contains ArylexTM Active – the same active ingredient used in autumn herbicide Belkar® – in formulation with clopyralid.

The application window is from 1 March to growth stage BBCH50 (flower buds visible above the crop). The added strength of Arylex in the formulation means Korvetto has unrivalled activity on those familiar red-faced weeds – poppies, mayweeds, cleavers and thistles – that become visible above the crop as the season progresses.

There are no following crop restrictions, and farmers are free to use 1l/ha of Korvetto if they have applied a post-emergence herbicide in the autumn such as Belkar or AstroKerb®.

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