Standen-Pearson to launch new Uniweb destoner at Cereals

Standen-Pearson’s new Uniweb soil separator, aimed at potato and root vegetable growers with stony soils, will get its first public showing at Cereals.

Uniweb is an additional model to the Megasta-Gen 2 and Unistar machines currently in production at Ely in Cambridgeshire.

Designed and already proven to outperform existing web separators, Uniweb is a web only soil separator with its 4-web configuration.

It is 300mm longer than the Unistar with its stars/Underweb or web/stars/underweb configuration. Uniweb has its own purpose-designed chassis.

Available as a 1500mm or 1600mm working width machine, Uniweb can also be specified as a 3-row 2400mm model.

Electronic automatic depth control is sensed by a front spiked diablo roller with depth override from the tractor cabin.

Intensive development involving fine tuning of share angles and the introduction of extra large 1140mm serrated discs has resulted in smooth, high-speed blockage free intake of material, even when working downhill.

The design makes an intake rotor unnecessary, making the machine simpler and less costly to run; driver visibility of the critical intake area is also greatly enhanced.

To further improve performance, a clod crushing draper web is fitted over the fourth web; this features a wide range of adjustability A simple ratchet system lifts and lowers the web, while pressure is electrically controlled from the tractor cab. Tractor power requirement is from 110hp.

A clearly laid out driver’s control console enables easy operation, while Can-bus electronics offer fast responses and a useful self-diagnostic function.

Hydraulic levelling left/right and 26° axle steering with self-centring are standard equipment. Web options include 28, 36, 42, 45 and 50mm pitches. An accessories list offers a stone-release hydraulic drawbar, hydraulic boulder box and 14.5 x 20 large wheels.

Maintenance is simplicity itself: Monocoque construction and large gas strut supported doors allow easy access; toothed belts provide well proven reliable drives with quiet operation and low wear.

The first three webs are all the same length and are totally interchangeable – only the fourth web feeding the cross conveyor is longer.

Stainless steel soil deflectors direct soil into the beds away from the wheeling’s for maximum soil retention in the bed.

Stainless steel panels are also used for the web sides, fitted in four sections so they can be replaced individually as necessary to reduce running costs.

As with all Standen-Pearson soil separators, Uniweb features a totally clear underside: There’s no axle shaft or cross beams for soil to collect on; bed quality is dramatically improved as a result.

The Uniweb will be made by Standen Engineering Ltd at Ely, where up to 80% of the components for Standen-Pearson machines are manufactured at the company.

The launch and first public showing of Uniweb will be at Cereals stand 1002, where prices will be announced.

*Cereals 2010 exhibitor information as supplied by Standen-Pearson.

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Using contractors saves you time and money. Now you can book, track and pay all in one place. Register for early access today.

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