Stop-start in Durham

“We’re very frustrated, things are very stop-start here,” said Michael Manners in Darlington, Durham.

He had cut about 80ha of winter wheat and was quite pleased with results. Yields were slightly above average and up on last year, with first wheat Gladiator at 11.25t/ha and second wheat Napier at 10t/ha. “It all stood up better than I thought.”

Grain quality was “acceptable” but bushel weights were “not sky high” at 73 – 76kg/hl.

“The wheat has done remarkably well. It had great potential a month ago but then was starting to disappear from under our eyes in the drought.”

Mr Manners expected to finish within the next eight or nine days despite having not started at this time last year.

He added: “We’re just about to start again. It’s been so stop-start in the rain that we never really get a good run. But everything has stood up well so at least it’s easy to cut when we do.”

• Crop: Winter wheat
• Variety: Gladiator and Napier
• Area: 80ha
• Yield: Gladiator 11.25t/ha, Napier 10t/ha
• Quality: Bushel weight 73 – 76kg/hl

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