Stop-start in Yorkshire

Yorkshire farmer Caley Sackur said it had been a “stop-start affair” at Lodge Farm, Driffield. “We’re back on today and managing to get some wheat in at the moment.”

He said wheat cut a week ago had fairly good yields and excellent quality, but after the four-day break from the rain he was unsure quality had held.

First wheat Malacca had yielded a bit over 10t/ha (4t/ac) from 168ha (420ac) with Hagbergs of 400 and bushel weights of 79kg/hl. But he said the quality was now gradually deteriorating in the weather.

He had started cutting 80ha (200ac) of second wheat Einstein, which was yielding just under 10t/ha (4t/ac).

“It was very good at the time we cut it a fortnight ago and luckily we saved some seed, but the rest of the crop won’t be quite as good.”

With 128ha (320ac) of wheat remaining Mr Sackur was concerned the forecast was not good, particularly in the east.

“In the rain, the quality is going, so it will be poorer than last year. The first half of harvest was as good as last year but now it will not be as good.”

• Crop: Winter wheat
• Variety: Malacca
• Area: 189ha
• Yield: 10t/ha
• Quality: Hagbergs over 400, Bushel weight 79kg/hl

• Crop: Winter wheat
• Variety: Einstein
• Yield: 10t/ha
• Area: 80ha

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