Take-all hits Bucks Malacca

Charlie Edgely at Kensham Farms in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire is well underway with wheat harvest proving varied results.

He was very pleased with 40ha of Soissons winter wheat yielding 8.25t/ha which was similar to last year. The wet bushel weight was 77kg/hl, so he hopes this to rise when it is dry. He noted the straw was still green but the grain was ripe on this variety only.

Twenty hectares of Einstein wheat which was drilled on 15th September yielded 8.75t/ha. He was quite pleased with the bushel weight of 76kg/hl which was better than last year.

Malacca performed worse than last year after being affected by take-all. It yielded 7.25t/ha and had a very poor bushel weight of 71kg/hl. He hopes the remaining Malacca will be better.

He was surprised yesterday (August 4) that the grain was 14.5% moisture but the straw was too wet to go through the combine. “I’ve never seen this happen before.”
Crop/Variety: Soissons winter wheat
Area: 40ha
Yield: 8.25t/ha
Quality: Bushel weight 77kg/hl

Crop/Variety: Einstein winter wheat
Area: 20ha
Yield: 8.75t/ha
Quality: Bushel weight 76kg/hl

Crop/Variety: Malacca winter wheat
Area: 44ha
Yield: 7.25t/ha
Quality: Bushel weight 71kg/hl


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