Temperature a problem in Yorkshire

Andrew Coster from Ripon, Yorkshire, said Winner oilseed rape was too warm to go straight into the store once it had been cut. “The temperature has been a problem, we’ve had to leave it flat to cool.”

He finished cutting the variety last Saturday (July 29). The crop was not “particularly sparkling” at 3.5t/ha, but he was glad it all came in at less than 9% moisture so did not need drying.

Yields were slightly lower than last year due to runch, but he was pleased the crop had all been sold on contract.

Mr Coster expected to start cutting wheat as soon as possible. “I don’t think we suffered from the hot weather as we’re the last people to be droughted because the land holds the moisture well.”

“It’s fine now but we had an inch of rain yesterday which gave us a chance to clear up and get the oilseed rape in store.”

• Crop: Oilseed rape
• Variety: Winner
• Area: N/A
• Yield: 3.5t/ha
• Quality: 9% moisture

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