Thankful for tracks after rain

Rain overnight may have delayed harvest at Heathcote Farm, Toddington, Bedfordshire, but Andrew Robinson is back on again this afternoon (3 August).

“We had 16mm overnight, and we’ve just got going again – I’m very thankful we’ve got tracks on the combine,” he said.

So far he had cut 67ha of Winsome winter barley, which had yielded a pleasing 8.18t/ha, at 1.44-1.72% nitrogen, 95% retention, 98% germination and 67kg/hl.

“It’s yielded better than expected and has all made the grade for malting, which is good news,” said Mr Robinson.

Alienor oilseed rape had come off at 4.56t/ha. “I was a bit disappointed, but talking to everyone else, it sounds like it’s done alright.

“I had to spray it off as it was not fit – it’s just hung on and on.”

After finishing off the Alienor, he had some Expower, Extrovert and Record to cut.

“They look about average – the Expower and Extrovert are big and bushy and have lodged in places. It’s hard to estimate the yield until you get into it.”

Wheat also looked thick, but Solstice in particular had suffered from fusarium and late septoria.

“The Panorama and Gallant look good, but the Invicta and Viscount are just okay.”

Crop: Winter barley
Variety: Winsome
Area: 67ha
Yield: 8.18t/ha

Crop: Oilseed rape
Variety: Alienor
Area: 30ha
Yield: 4.56t/ha

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