Top quality Essex/Herts wheat

Wheat had done “excellently well” for Charles Carter at Harps Farm on the Essex/Herts border, with top quality and yields above average. In particular he said Istabraq had come in at 11.75t/ha (4.7t/acre) to just over 12.5t/ha (5t/acre).

Next season he plans to grow a similar spread of crops to this year’s 400ha (1000acres) of Robigus, Malacca, Claire, Einstein, Solstice and Istabraq, although was reconsidering growing Malacca. “The premiums for Malacca are not great.”

In contrast to the wheat, beans had been disappointing this year, he said. “It may be due to the dry period. The crop doesn’t add up well financially.

“Overall I think it went pretty well for us. We got some good yields this year.”

Mr Carter said there were still large blocks of wheat to do in the area and some were struggling to get it in. “Where it has rained, the crop is definitely starting to sprout.”

Having finished harvest, he was currently helping a neighbour out with combining.

• Crop: Winter wheat
• Area: 400ha
• Variety: Robigus, Malacca, Claire, Einstein, Solstice, Istabraq
• Yield: Istabraq up to 12.5t/ha
• Quality: Top quality

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