Totril revocation

Approval for some HBN herbicides, including Totril (ioxynil), which Bayer CropSciences says is the main post-emergence contact herbicide relied on by leek and onion growers to control broadleaved weeds, will be phased out from 31 May 2009.

However, distributors may continue supplying growers with the product until 31 November 2009 and growers can use stocks for a further year.

The firm’s Nathan Whitehouse says there is no immediate cause for concern. “Product availability has been planned for this year’s anticipated allium crop areas, and we’re continuing to support Totril through re-registration in the UK.

PSD’s evaluation of Totril’s re-registration is ongoing and we’ve received encouraging reassurance that they intend to bring our application to a conclusion as quickly as possible. So we hope there’ll be good news for growers shortly, and certainly well before the 2010 season.”

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