Two in three support GM crop testing, survey shows

Two in three people support GM crop testing, a ComRes survey has found.

The survey, for The Independent, discovered that 64% of the public agreed the government should encourage experiments on GM crops.

However, the results showed more men than women agree with the experiments, which would reduce the amount of pesticides farmers need to use on their crops.

While 70% of men agreed that such experiments should be encouraged, only 58% of women agreed.

At present, no GM crops are grown in the UK for commercial use, but imported GM products such as soya are used for animal feed.

Supporters believe GMs could help increase food production to meet growing populations and consumption.

However, anti-GM campaigners fear the unknown effects on our health, environmental hazards and economic concerns.

The survey findings will boost pro-GM campaigners and scientists who have been pushing for a renewed public debate on GMs.

Rothamsted Research is conducting a government-funded field trial of genetically modified wheat, which has been engineered to repel aphid pests from the crop and attract their natural predators, parasitic wasps.

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