UK exceeds RTFO biofuel target

The UK has exceeded the government target of producing 3.25% of transport fuel from biofuel by March 2010.

Figures released by the Renewable Fuels Agency show UK biofuel production reached 1.6bn litres by March, equivalent to 3.33% of the total transport fuel market.

This had resulted in a carbon saving of 51% compared to petrol and diesel, roughly equivalent to taking half a million vehicles off the road, the RFA said.

The carbon figures reflect the directly measurable savings biofuels offer, but do not take into account the potential impact from indirect land use change – something the European Commission is due to report on at the end of this year.

“The volume target has been met, which is welcome news. But this is about sustainable carbon reduction,” Nick Goodall of the RFA said.

“The leading suppliers have demonstrated that it is possible to secure sustainable biofuels in volume. Others have fallen well short.”

Mandatory carbon and sustainability performance requirements will be introduced with the European Union’s Renewable Energy Directive next year.

The RTFO target for 2010/11 rises to 2.5%, and will increase each year to 5% by 2013/14.

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