Variable Norfolk results

Robin Baines in Norwich, Norfolk, said harvest was frustrating because rain has meant things were going very slowly. “We’re cutting one day a week at the moment. At the present speed we look to finish at the end of September!”

Seventy-five percent of the crops he was responsible for had been cut, with yield and quality mainly dependent on what stage during maturity they were at during the drought.

 “It varies from farm to farm because some have been completely cut and others haven’t, but so far, so good.”

Winter barley yields had been average to above average, but spring barley yields were very disappointing. “Quality was surprisingly good but yields were generally poor.”

He was responsible for 200ha (500ac) of Cocktail, which came in at 5-7.5t/ha (2-3tac), dependent on soil type.

He also had 720ha (1800ac) of various varieties of winter wheat, with 75% still left to cut. Yields varied from 7.5-12.5t/ha (3-5t/ac) dependent on soil type and variety.

• Crop: Spring barley
• Variety: Cocktail
• Area: 200ha (500ac)
• Yield: 5-7.5t/ha (2-3t/ac)

• Crop: Winter wheat
• Variety: Various
• Area: 720ha (1800ac)
• Yield: 7.5-12.5t/ha

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