Variable results for Derbyshire wheat

Having had an inch and a half of rain at the weekend, James Chamberlain had “come to a grinding halt” at Glebe Farm, Derbyshire.

Results of Hereward and Solstice were quite variable with poorly filled grains on lighter land yielding 6.9t/ha (2.75t/ac) and better filled grains on heavier land at 8.3t/ha (3.33t/ac). The yields were 1.25t/ha (0.5t/ac) down on what they should have been which he said was purely due to the drought in June and July.

“We skipped the showers in June and July. The wheat cannot stand high temperatures with no rain – we only had little spots when others had storms.”

With a third of the wheat remaining to be cut, he said the crop was still standing at the moment but was concerned any further rain would jeopardise Hagbergs.

“All I’m asking for is some warm, dry weather so we can finish harvest.”

• Crop: Winter wheat
• Variety: Hereward and Solstice
• Area: N/A
• Yield: 6.9t/ha (2.75t/ac) to 8.3t/ha (3.33t/ac)

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