VIDEO: Purple potato variety goes on sale in UK

The UK’s first purple potato variety has gone on sale in Sainsbury’s.

Purple Majesty has a naturally occurring deep purple colour both inside and out which is retained after cooking.

The colour comes from the presence of anthocynanins which are the same compounds that are responsible for the purple colour in blueberries and blackcurrants.

These compounds are believed to have powerful health benefits so the variety has been billed as a healthier alternative to the conventional potato.

Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh is currently conducting trials to investigate whether eating the purple potatoes could reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.

The variety has been developed by potato supplier Albert Bartlett which grows potatoes across the UK.

Gillian Kynoch, head of development at Albert Bartlett said the variety was set to become a firm favourite on dinner tables.

“They perform beautifully in the kitchen, mashing, baking, roasting and microwaving to perfection, and make spectacular crisps and chips.”

The potatoes will be on sale in 100 Sainsbury’s stores from 6 October.


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