Waiting for the sun in Herefordshire

Jamie Rogers has finished oilseed rape at White Hall Farm, Hampton Bishop, Herefordshire, and is now waiting for wheat to dry out.

“I’m very pleased with the oilseed rape. I’ve joined the hitherto exclusive 5t/ha (2t/acre) club.”

The Cabernet and Castille had topped 5t/ha (2t/acre) on some better fields, although on heavy land, where it did not establish well after last year’s wet summer, it hadn’t been as good.

Overall, it averaged 4.4t/ha (1.8t/acre) – similar to last year’s average.

With no winter barley, Mr Rogers was now waiting for his wheat to dry out. “We’ve hardly had any rain at all this week, but we haven’t had sunshine to dry it out, so it’s hovering around the 16.5-17% moisture level.

“We’ll leave it over the weekend and hopefully get into it next week. The odd bit has been cut on lighter land towards Ross-on-Wye, but the lack of sunshine is hampering people.”

The Duxford first and second wheat looked very promising, he added. “It was an extremely successful variety for me last year so I saw no reason to change.”

Crop: Oilseed rape
Varieties: Cabernet and Castille
Yield: 4.4t/ha (1.8t/acre)

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