Waiting to start near Scarborough

Derek Lamplough hasn’t even started harvest at Manor Farm, Scarborough, Yorkshire, with two inches of rain falling over the past week.

“It’s just rain after rain – it gets a bit dry – and then it rains again,” he said.

Secondary growth had been a big problem in winter barley in the area, so Mr Lamplough sprayed his off to ripen it.

“By the time it was ready to combine the rain started to come down.

“I don’t think it is suffering yet, but if we get many more days like this it will.”

The other problem was that, due to the delayed start, all the crops would be ready to cut at the same time, he added.

“That said, we haven’t had the worst of it; there has been flooding at Stamford Bridge and Goole – it’s just been very patchy.”

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