Wheat 75% cut in Durham

Harvest was going well until the rain this morning (Aug 22) said Michael Manners in Darlington, Durham. After seven days of good progress, 160ha of wheat yielded quite well at 10 – 10.6t/ha.

Seventy five percent of his wheat is cut, with Robigus, Alchemy and Gladiator as first wheats and Napier as second wheat. Quality he said was mainly good, with bushel weights of 78-79kg/hl.

Mr Manners is pleased progress is “well ahead” of last year. He expects to finish with three more good days, whereas last year was “a fight” cutting well into September, he said.

  • Crop/Variety: Winter wheat Robigus, Alchemy, Gladiatior, Napier

  • Area: 160ha

  • Yield: 10 – 10.6t/ha

  • Quality: Bushel weight 78-79kg/hl


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