Wheat remaining in East Midlands

Grain Trading Manager Andrew Sedgwick for G Williams and Co Grain said there was still spring beans and wheat remaining in the East Midlands.

“There is talk of weather being good this week – if it holds to the weekend then they should get it finished, but at the moment it’s literally snatching it when you can.”

Despite recent rain, he said wheat yields had held up on standing crops even though quality had completely gone. Any laid crop had suffered and many of them were sprouting.

Before the rain, yields had been around average, despite crops suffering in the hot June and July. “There was nothing spectacular. The crops looked perfect coming into July but the hot weather took the edge off them. They were all ready in early August but they then fell because of the rain.”

Mr Sedgwick said stiff-straw varieties such as Cordiale and Solstice had withstood the weather most, having stood well and they managed to retain some quality. But he said the weaker-straw variety Robigus was particularly disappointing having suffered most from the drought followed by rain.

Pulses and beans had also suffered from the dry weather with a lack of moisture at the critical times.

“I suspect it will be questionable over whether peas and beans will continue to be grown in the area. Pulses are declining. In theory there may be more oilseed rape growing instead, which is being drilled at the moment.”

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