Wheat weighs well – harvest update

“As long as it‘s dry enough, we will go and get it” was the message from Matthew Baker who farms for David Baker Farms on the Norfolk/Suffolk border.

With 3,000 acres of wheat to cut this year, a break in the weather would be greatly appreciated.

Mr Baker managed to do 4 to 5 hours of wheat on Saturday afternoon (Aug 21), with moisture contents coming in at 21%.

“Driers have been running flat out,” he notes.

Despite rain delays, yields have generally been “OK”.

“There have been fewer ears this year, however what is there weighs far better than last year”

“At the start of harvest, weights were close to 80-82kg/hl, but fell to 74.5kg/hl yesterday.”

Mr Baker acknowledges he has been “fairly lucky” with no serious lodging problems. 

“The vast majority has stood,” sadi Mr Baker.

“Some Robigus was leaning, but we managed to get that early on.”

He was also fairly pleased with his oilseed rape, which he managed harvest before the weather caused too many problems.

“Last autumn we managed to get rape established a lot quicker than others, after catching showers at the right time.”

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