Worcester wheat lacks protein

Andrew Goodman at Walgrove Farm, Worcester, said winter wheat did not meet bread-making quality specifications due to a lack of protein.

“I don’t know why but the protein was below the required bread-making percentage.”

Hagbergs and bushel weights were fine on Hereward. Yields of both Hereward and Consort averaged 9t/ha (3.6t/acre) which was “fairly ok”.

Although spring barley was a “good, bold sample”, some of the crop was “a disaster”. Mr Goodman said Wagon averaged 5t/ha (2t/acre), but some of the crop yielded very poorly. All the barley was to go for feed.

He said spring beans were “not too bad” this year, but yields were slightly below average at 3.75t/ha (1.5t/acre).

• Crop: Winter wheat
• Variety: Hereward and Consort
• Area: N/A
• Yield: 9t/ha (3.6t/acre)
• Quality: Protein levels low

• Crop: Spring barley
• Variety: Wagon
• Area: n/a
• Yield: 5t/ha (2t/acre)

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