Yields above average in Fife

Scottish FW Farmer Focus writer Andrew Peddie said harvest was nearly finished, with only 12ha (30 acres) of winter wheat left to cut from 100ha (250acres).

“The weather was good up to last week, so we got a lot cut – we’re almost finished now.”

He said yields of Robigus were above average, and quality was very good. The crop was not for milling but he said bushel weights were high.

He was pleased the crop mostly came in dry. “We normally cut at 20-22% moisture, but it has been coming in at 15-17% moisture, which is good.”

Mr Peddie planned to grow a similar acreage of Robigus next year.

“I’m fairly happy – it has been an easy harvest with good quality.”

He added: “Most people are getting finished or nearly finished in Fife.”

• Crop: Winter wheat
• Variety: Robigus
• Area: 100ha (250acres)
• Yield: N/A
• Quality: Moisture: 15-17% moisture

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