Yields variable for Warwickshire grower

Chris North had finished combining, leaving only straw to bale in Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire. Harvest finished four days earlier than last year, but would have been sooner if not for the rain showers. “We started cutting wheat in July. We’ve not done that since 1976.”

He had 153mm rain in three weeks of May, followed by the hot June and July. “A drop of rain would have been better in June, but we had nothing until now.”

Yields were very varied with “some up, some down”. Hereward yielded 8.75-9.4t/ha (3.5-3.75t/ac) from 33ha, which was on a par with last year. But this was less than in 2004 when it yielded 10t/ha (4t/ac).

“The results were good compared with some of the new varieties. It weighs well so we could have more, but only germination tests really matter for seed.”

Second wheat Cordiale grown for seed was slightly down on last year’s 10t/ha at 9.75t/ha (3.9t/ac).

Six hectares (15ac) of German milling wheat variety Magister was put into clean ground as an ideal entry for the variety. The variety has orange wheat blossom midge resistance and yielded 9t/ha (3.6t/ac) at 14.1% moisture. Bushel weights were a good 83.1kg/hl, protein levels were 14.47%, hagbergs at 406 and screenings were 1.7%.

Mr North added: “There has been a fair bit of interest in it. I think it did very well.”

All wheat varieties were grown for seed.

• Crop: Winter wheat
• Variety: Hereward
• Area: 33ha
• Yield: 8.75-9.4t/ha

• Crop: Winter wheat
• Variety: Cordiale
• Area: N/A
• Yield: 9.75t/ha

• Crop: Winter wheat
• Variety: Magister
• Area: 6ha
• Yield: 9t/ha
• Quality: Moisture 14.1%, bushel weight 83.1kg/hl, protein 14.47%, Hg 406, Screenings 1.7%

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