Yorkshire wheat prospects low

David Hinchliffe at Bank House Farm had cut for only 14 hours in the last nine days, having been stopped by rain in Thorne, Yorkshire.

“It’s terrible. We’re at a complete standstill when we’re only 60% though 300ha of wheat. We’ve got some in but there is no prospect for the rest of it.”

He said the 40% of Cordiale and Dover that had been cut was about average at 10t/ha (4t/ac), with only Brompton feed wheat remaining. He was concerned for bushel weights of Brompton if the rain was to continue.

Milling wheat growers in his area were concerned that Hagbergs were disappearing in the warm and wet weather.

“It’s that wet underfoot we can’t even get the combine out. It has been an average harvest up to when we stopped so it will be like a salvage operation if the weather continues.”

• Crop: Winter wheat
• Variety: Cordiale and Dover
• Area: 300ha in total
• Yield: 10t/ha

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