Barber’s raises July milk price by 3p/litre-plus

Cheesemaker Barber’s has announced a 3.1p/litre milk price increase for July.

Farmers supplying the processor will receive 46.85p/litre based on’s manufacturing league table specification of 4.2% butterfat and 3.4% protein.

The July price for Barber’s own standard litre of 4.10% butterfat and 3.28% protein is set to be 45.5p/litre.

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This is the eighth milk price increase announced by the Somerset-based cheesemaker in the past nine months.

Milk prices will have risen by 9p/litre (24.65%) during the three months of May, June and July, according to the firm.

During May, suppliers which provided additional volumes above their base were paid 53.1p/litre for the excess supply, with prices based on 2p/litre below AHDB’s actual milk price equivalent.

UK cheese markets are reportedly well supported at present, with strengthening cheddar values and increased volumes of export trade due to limited supplies within the EU.

Michael Masters, head of milk supply operations, said inflationary costs in all parts of the dairy supply chain continue to rise relentlessly to exceptional heights.

“Barber’s, as farmers themselves, fully recognise exactly the same pressures as all of our farmer suppliers through the high input costs of feed, fertiliser, energy, labour, and frankly, any input that crosses the farm gate,” he said.