Wide response needed for farm manager salary and conditions survey

What’s a farm manager worth? To find out, the Institute of Agricultural Management (IAgrM) runs a regular farm managers’ pay and conditions survey, which is now open.

Membership of the IAgrM is not a requirement for completing the survey, which is confidential and needs as wide a response as possible. 

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The most recent survey results were published in September 2018 and revealed that salary levels had not kept up with inflation but that the average value of benefits that go with farm manager positions had risen by about £1,500.

The findings from the current survey are due to be released in March 2020.

Both paper and online versions of the survey are available, with a closing date of 1 December.

To complete the 17th IAgrM farm managers’ salary survey, click on the survey link at the foot of the IAgrM homepage.

A paper version [PDF] is also available.