Five farm tenancies open for tender in Cambridgeshire

Five county farms in Cambridgeshire of between 92 and 379 acres are up for letting from October.

More than 995 acres of the council’s 33,000-acre estate are up for grabs as part of the county council’s reletting programme, which opens on Friday 18 January.

The farms are based in Wicken, Whittlesey, March and Friday Bridge. Successful applicants, which could include first-time farmers, will be offered a five-year farm business tenancy (FBT).

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Kate Barlow, principal surveyor at Cambridgeshire County Council, said: “This is a valuable opportunity for motivated and enthusiastic first-time farmers to get onto the farming ladder, and those looking to progress to larger holdings.

“Last year we received a lot of interest in the four holdings that were available and the standard of applicants was very high.

“We anticipate that interest will remain high this year despite current uncertainties in the agricultural sector and Brexit.”

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The farms will be available to view on 13 February and prospective tenants will need to provide a business plan as part of their application, due by 8 March. Interviews will take place on 18 and 20 March.

Full details about the farms and the application process can be found on Cambridgeshire County Council’s website.

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Cambridgeshire County Council farms to let

Field on Larkhall Farm

Larkhall Farm © Cambridgeshire County Council

1. Larkhall & Block Farm

Location: Wicken

A bare land holding of about 114 acres with a mixture of lime rich loam soil and loamy, sandy soils. No buildings or dwelling.

Building on Somerset Farm

Somerset Farm © Cambridgeshire County Council

2. Somerset Farm

Location: Whittlesey

A fully equipped holding offering 379 acres of predominantly silty clay loam soil. There are three general-purpose buildings and a detached three-bedroom house.

Well End Farm

Well End Farm © Cambridgeshire County Council

3. Well End Farm

Location: Friday Bridge

92 acres of predominantly silty clay loam soil together with a yard, general-purpose building and a three-bedroom bungalow.

4. Manor Farm

Location: Whittlesey

An equipped holding with 244 acres of predominantly silt clay loam soil. Cropping over the past few years includes wheat, sugar beet, rape and potatoes. The holding has general-purpose buildings and a three-bedroom bungalow.

5. Red House Farm

Location: March

167 acres of predominantly silty clay loam soil together with a general-purpose building and a three-bedroom bungalow.

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