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The tenanted sector is a vital part of UK agriculture, as a valuable income stream for landowners and the most accessible way for new entrants to start a farming business. Get advice on tenancy applications and how to navigate the legal pitfalls whether you are a tenant or a landlord.

Case studies

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What’s it like to farm £1-a-year National Trust tenant farm?

An Anglesey farmer who won a dream National Trust tenancy for an annual rent of just £1/year tells us of the challenges and rewards of farming on The Great Orme,…


Short-term tenancies no obstacle for livestock farm business

One couple haven’t been put off taking on short-term tenancies and grazing licences to help build their farming enterprise.  Will (38) and Gillian (37) Sedgley farm in the Yorkshire Dales,…


4 farmers tell us how they secured county council tenancies

Cambridgeshire County Council’s Farms Estate is the largest in England and Wales. Four farmers who have successfully secured a Cambridgeshire tenancy tell us about the process and offer advice for…


The struggle to find a tenancy for one young farming couple

A Somerset couple are searching for a tenancy to bring their farming dream to life, but as first-generation farmers, they have struggled to be taken seriously in the competitive market.…


Duchy of Cornwall: Creating opportunities for new entrants

For new entrants looking for ways into farming, the Duchy of Cornwall offers excellent opportunities as it has a policy of prioritising those starting out in the industry. Read about…


Two young sheep farmers on their first year into a tenancy

We report on two recent tenants to find out how they have fared a year in to their tenancies. Our first young farmer, who won a £1 a year National…

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Business Clinic: Messy tenants and animal damage to cars

Whether you have a legal, tax, insurance, management or land issue, Farmers Weekly’s Business Clinic experts can help. Here, Russell Reeves at Thrings offers advice on how to deal with…


How to lower the cost of settling farm tenancy rent disputes

A simplified and less costly form of arbitration is available to help landlords and tenants resolve rent negotiation issues. Tenants have recently been advised by the Tenant Farmers’ Association (TFA)…


Business Clinic: Informal grazing – what are our rights?

Whether you have a legal, tax, insurance, management or land issue, Farmers Weekly’s Business Clinic experts can help. Here, Duncan Sigournay, partner and head of agriculture at Thrings, advises on the common…


Top 8 farm tenancy issues and how to solve them

Many issues are likely to arise during the lifetime of an agricultural tenancy, but all can be solved with good landlord-tenant communication, informed consent and careful consideration, writes Philip Meade, Davis…


Why careful investigation is vital before taking on a tenancy

Tenants taking on long-term farming tenancies need to take the same detailed and wide-ranging approach one does when buying a farm. A case in which tenant farmers were awarded £1.75m…


Expert tips on how to apply for a farm tenancy

Creating a new farm tenancy agreement is a major decision for both potential tenants and landlords, and the application process takes up a lot of time, effort and energy. To…


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How Scotland’s land reform is affecting sales and tenants

When Scotland’s Land Reform Act received royal assent in April 2016, implementation was always going to be a job for the tortoise, not the hare. The ambitious policy set out…


The benefits of becoming a council farm tenant

Herefordshire County Council’s rationale for selling off 1,940ha of its farms estate this year was that cashing in the £40m sale price would meet its needs better than its “negligible”…


Landowners tackle soil health in tenancy deals

Scientists have warned the UK has only 100 harvests left in its soils due to intensive farming. Perhaps it is no surprise then that landlords are beginning to address soil…