Cranswick sells pig finishing business

EAST YORKS pig business Cranswick has sold its on-farm finishing enterprise to Cumbrian farmer Thomas Dent.

Cranswick chief executive, Bernard Hoggarth said 3000 sows, their associated progeny and equipment, had been sold for an undisclosed sum.

However he stressed that it would be ‘business as usual’ for the 20 or so producers affected.

“From 7 July, farmers have been sending their pigs to Cranswick under an arrangement with Thomas Dent,” said Mr Hoggarth.

“We felt that the finishing element of the business not longer fitted into our strategy, although there will be no change to our store and finishing pig trading arm.”

One producer, who did not wish to be named, said he planned to carry on under the new system, but that the news had made him feel like a pawn in the big business game.

“It seems that we have no say in what is happening, and that we are only told important information when the deal has already been done.”