Foot and mouth beef producer supported by local farmers

Local farmers have rallied to the support of the farmer at the centre of the foot and mouth outbreak on a farm west of Guildford, Surrey.

DEFRA has not officially named the farmer.

Angus Stovold, a local beef producer within the exclusion zone, told the BBC: “The farmer is a really good farmer. All the animals I’ve seen from him have been really good.”

Mr Stovold explained that farming in a wealthy urban area such as Guildford necessitated the highest standards because of the cost of living. “All livestcok will be top-notch quality.”

A local contractor, Ray Simmonds, told FWi: “He’s one of the safest people about.”

Although Mr Simmonds had no livestock, the indirect effects of the outbreak were already being felt.

“We need to get today out of the way [to see where we are],” he said.

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