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Farmers Weekly and Yara have teamed up to bring you the 20/20 Vision forum online.

We’ve published information on a whole range of scientific, economic and consumer issues that will affect your business in the years to come.

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Our industry experts (below) will be visiting the FWi forums to answer your questions.

These dynamic individuals from inside – and outside – the industry give their views on the key areas likely to affect farming businesses in the future.

They specialise in analysis – the trends and turns of the market, the global economy, consumer trends, the environment, science and communication.

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What’s their vision?

kathy sykes SCIENCE – Prof Kathy Sykes, Bristol University
Unless the public are engaged with science, Bristol University’s professor of science engagement and communication predicts UK farming will lose out on enormous potential benefits
Dr TAuni Broker SUSTAINABILITY – Dr Tauni Brooker, ORM2
Consumer attitudes dictate today’s and tomorrow’s business. Global warming and energy are simply side issues says sustainability consultant and investment banker, Dr Tauni Brooker
Thorleif Enger THE GLOBAL ECONOMY – Thorleif Enger, Yara CeO
A population approaching 8bn and increasing demand for functional foods that provide nutrition and vitamins will give farmers exciting challenges for the future says the head of world-wide fertiliser giant, Yara
Karl Schneider COMMUNICATION – Karl Schneider, Innovation expert
Disease-fighting nanobots and cows in virtual reality headsets are far from pie in the sky, according to Karl Schneider former executive editor of New Scientist and editor of Computer Weekly
J. Denny-Finch CONSUMER – Joanne Denny-Finch, Chief Executive of the IGD
Health, wealth, ethics and technology will drive what the consumer demands from its food producers in the UK and world-wide
Tricia Henton ENVIRONMENT – Tricia Henton, Environment Agency
Global warming, an increasing energy crisis and waste are key influencers for farm businesses – and farmers need to start addressing those now
C. Drummond LEAF POLICY – Caroline Drummond, chief executive of LEAF
Current policies are not on track to deliver a sustainable UK farming industry that rewards innovation and excellence

2020 Vision Presentation


As head of global fertiliser giant, Yara, Thorleif Enger knows a thing or two about the twists and turns of the global economy.

Listen to his vision of tomorrow’s farming world in 2020


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